Shortcut to remember mega exemption notification (service tax)

read as

1. "BEL PURI GANG" ne "ACHI RAAT pe DESI CINEMA /MUSIC /DANCE dekhne ke baad Hotel ja ke Food & Beverages khaya uske baad FUNCTION gaye the"

Cinema ka title nai bola tha na "Transporter 3 HIT"

2.COMEDY COACH altered/repaired

Detailed description:-

BE - business exhibition
L - public libraries
PU - public urinals /public convenience
R - "silent"
I - intermediary services
GANG - Going concern

A - animals health care services by veterinary clinic
C - charitable activities by trust
H - health care services
I - international organization

R - religious place /religious ceremony
A - Arbitrate
A - Advocate
T - training or coaching in recreational activities


D - Drugs (technical analysis)
E - to Educational institution
S - to Sports body /sponsorship of sporting events
I - General Insurance business

C - Copyright /cinematography
I - Indepedent journalist
N - Non Profit entity
E - by ESI
MA - bima

Music /dance concert by artist (folk or classical)

ke baad

Hotel - renting of hotel


Food & beverages - serving of food and beverage by non ac restaurants


FUNCTION - any function ordinarily entrusted to a municipality


Cinema ka title nai bola tha na

Transporter 3 - Transportation of specified goods, transportation services by GTA of agricultural products, Transport of passengers

H -giving on HIRE a Motor vehicle
I - Incubatee services
T - telephone Calls


CO - construction of original works of
M - Monuments
E - structure for educational purposes
D - dam
Y - your house (residential complex for self use)

CO - Construction of original works of
A - airport, port, railway
C - Cold storage
H - Residential House
Alteration /Repairs to the
Roads /public structures under JNNURM scheme, structures owned by trust!